Real 9000 Plus and 9100 Plus EL Working Chair

A working chair that can be moved around by either your arms or legs and that can have its seat height adjusted manually or electrically, the REAL 9000 PLUS working chair comes with a range of accessories which will allow you to make adjustments to the seat, back rests, arms and castors.  The range of adjustments on this working chair will allow you to find the right configuration which ensures a comfortable yet ergonomically correct seating position.

Transferring sideways in and out of the chair if you want to use the toilet or move to a wheelchair, armchair or bed is easy. With the chairs adjustable height, ability to lower arm rests and with the application of the brake for stability, this working chair can be held firmly in position at the height you require.

The gas spring adjustment on this working chair has a range of 20cm and electric height adjustment range of 28cm.  This can bring you close to a standing position when fully extend and it make sitting and standing far easier than when using a non height adjustable chair.

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