Real 8100 x-ray chair

The REAL 8100 x-ray chair is a specially adapted chair for use when taking x-rays of patients in a seated position.  As patients come in all shapes and sizes, this adaptable x-ray chair need to be functional, easy to use and simple to adjust. 

The design of the REAL 8100 x-ray chair allows it to be moved easily by staff and quickly adjusted so that the chair is comfortable for the patent while holding them steady in an ergonomically correct position from which to take the x-ray.  A remote control allows the seats height to be adjusted by up to 28 cm and a chair brake can either be applied manually or by remote control once the fixing blocks are in place. 

The  REAL 8100 x-ray comes with a mechanical protractor which means that the patient can be 'adjusted' to the correct angle for the x-ray.  This is quickly adjusted and reset by the foot control at the rear of the x-ray chairs frame.

The x-ray chair provides stability and comfort while helping the patient to maintain the correct position without sliding forward when the chair is angled.  This is because the back of the seat is lowered to increase the sitting depth and the seat is higher under the thighs.

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Real 8100 x-ray chair brochure
Real 8100 x-ray chair manual