REAL EL PLUS Paediatric Chair

A paediatric chair designed to suit the needs of your child, the REAL 9300 or 9400 EL PLUS paediatric chair is flexible with a range of adjustments that provide the user with greater flexibility and comfort. This adaptable paediatric chair works as a stable platform once the brake is applied and has easy height adjustments making it suitable for a variety of situations.

The REAL EL Plus is simple to use with clearly marked hand controls indentified by easily recognisable symbols. As part of its flexible design this paediatric chair has four interacting parts that include seat, back, armrest and neck support all of which can be adjusted to suit.  There is even a range of castors available to suit different floor types and armrests available in a range of lengths and materials.  If you are looking for a paediatric chair that could really make a significant difference to your childs comfort then the REAL 9300 or 9400 EL PLUS is definately worth looking at.

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Product Downloads

REAL 9300 - 9400 EL PLUS Product Brochure
REAL 9300 - 9400 EL PLUS Manual