REAL 6100 PLUS Powered Working Chair

The REAL 6100 PLUS powered working chair is suitable for people with disabilities that restrict range of movement or who are suffering/recovering from illnesses that affect mobility.  If you are looking for a powered working chair to give you additional mobility in a restricted working or home environment then this model is definitely worth your consideration.

This powered working chair suitable for home or office can be finely adjusted to meet your specific needs allowing you a versatile yet comfortable base.  The mid wheel drive means that this powerchair can turn on the spot.  Add this to its compact size and individual wheel suspension which allows you to deal with obstacles up to 40mm, there are few if any areas that you will not be able to reach.

The REAL 6100 PLUS provides you with a full 28cm of lift range so no matter what height the work surface this versatile power chair will allow you to sit comfortably and in a position that will not put stress on your back or joints. The chair is also programmable allowing things like acceleration, maximum speed and joystick sensitivity to be set at a level that you find comfortable.

At Altonaids we can help fit the REAL 6100 PLUS out to give you the maximum range of movement and comfort available.  With a large range of adjustments, optional features and accessories you really should come and take a closer look, we know you won’t be disappointed.

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REAL 6100 Plus Power Chair Brochure
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