Working chairs for people with disabilities or illness

The right working chair can make a big difference to your daily life and in most instances our working chairs will give you a greater range of freedom or comfort. The fact is that a conventional office chair is generally not suitable if you have a disability or illness that may restrict your movement.

If you have no choice but to sit down for extended periods of time or you have difficulty sitting and standing, our mobility working chairs are adjustable and come with a range of options. Altonaids supply working chairs that are suitable for people with disabilities or people who are suffering/recovering from illness. People who need their work chair to be adjustable, have the right form and offer optimal stability. Without seating support in the right places problems like back ache may develop or become more acute and if you are having difficulty standing/sitting you need a stable base to work with.

Real 9000 Plus and 9100 Plus EL Working Chair

The REAL 9000 PLUS working chair has been built to last and design to be ergonomic and functional. This adaptable working chair gives users a higher level of independence and flexibility of movement at home or in the office.

Real Mobil 6100 Powered Work Chair

A powered work chair that has been designed to provide comfort and flexibility for the user while offering maximum freedom of movement in a range of indoor work environments. A dynamic power chair especially suited to every day office use.

REAL 6100 PLUS Powered Working Chair

An electrically powered working chair that is compact but versatile, the REAL 6100 PLUS powered chair is perfect for the home or office environment. Functional yet comfortable this powered working chair definitely punches above its weight.

Real 8100 x-ray chair

The REAL 8100 x-ray chair is a specially adapted chair for use when taking x-rays of patients in a seated position. As patients come in all shapes and sizes, this adaptable x-ray chair need to be functional, easy to use and simple to adjust.